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Awesome New Way to Search for Homes Provided by AOL

AOL has launched a new search tool for finding homes, market values, or even a place for rent!  AOL RealEstate has made it a goal to be “…a singular destination where users can be both inspired and empowered in their search for a new home.” – Jay Kirsch, VP of AOL Money and Finance in this article in DSNews.com.

I decided to check it out myself to see if it was really any better or any different than real estate search tools online.  The main ones I have used in the past are TheMLSOnline.com and Realtor.com, there are many others, many of which operate very similarly.  This one however, really impressed me.

First, I searched for property values in my area (by zip code).  It gave me a map with tags to almost every single home on the map indicating estimates of that property’s value.  If I clicked on a property it gave me basic stats and told me if it was on the market now or had been recently.  I even found my house with its proper value assessment at the price I paid and it was indicated that it was sold.  It even knew the date it was sold, something I had already forgotten.

Then, surprisingly it listed other houses in the nearby area that is for sale and I found a home up for auction with a starting bid at …..$25,000!  This is a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home with a two car garage on a lot the same size as mine and its starting bid is at $25,000.  Amazing!  If only this tool existed when I was searching for my home.  I actually had fun navigating around; the site is extremely user-friendly.  I encourage anyone who will ever move again to check it out, whether you are just curious about the market in a specific area or perhaps even looking to rent still, this site has it all.

Click here to see for yourself!

~Stephanie Paz