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In Which Box Is My Life Packed?

I don’t know about most people’s thoughts or experiences, but my idea of moving my family into a our first house was a little different than reality.

It has been three weeks since we moved into our new home but instead getting all cozy and well organized (a necessity for the tiny sized space we have) it has been a little more like chaos.  I suspected it would be like this for first few days, didn’t realize it would last for weeks, and counting.  Just to give you all an idea of what I’m talking about here’s portrayal for you.

Here’s what I imagined…


And here is more like my reality…


Even though I was sure I organized all our boxes and had a system, somehow my system failed or fell apart.  My days have been spent digging for clothes out of boxes because we can’t find all our hangers, preparing a lot of frozen dinners because I haven’t time to do real grocery shopping or organize the dishes, and reusing the same plastic container for leftovers because the box of our other plastic dishes is lost, and pulling out toys to distract the baby from playing in the half unpacked box of bathroom toiletries.

I am still trying to figure out how to prioritize between house cleaning, meal planning, budgeting out our new expenses, unpacking a box, hanging up clothes, and finding my sanity.  For future reference to anyone who has not moved in a long time, or has to move a family household for the first time, just remember to relax amongst the chaos every now and then, and someday you will remember where you put that thing you were looking for.

~Stephanie Paz