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Like the House, Love the Community

Guess what could be better than buying a home that you can live with and on a loan you can afford,… being in a new community that you love.  I just have to take a moment and appreciate my family’s new neighborhood and community.  I like the school district my son now attends.  I like the new library system we utilize, KCLS, which has a branch conveniently located within walking distance of our house.  I like the nearby shopping centers and the clean parking lots everywhere I go.  I like that people are comfortable to go for a walk with their dog after dark and that neighborhood kids can run around and play in our very low traffic street.  I even like our neighbors!

Initially when we looked at this house to buy we just saw the house.  It was not until we were in the process of buying that we explored the Des Moines area and found out that every store we like is minutes away in our car, and many other area features we love are nearby.  We live about two minutes and two turns away from Redondo Beach Drive where we walk along the boardwalk at least a couple times per week after dinner.  My husband only works about five minutes away from home at a job to which he used to commute.  Now he has an additional 25 minutes before he needs to leave the house everyday and is home much earlier than he used to be.  Our new home purchase has not only changed our immediate living arrangement, but has affected our lifestyle as well.

Living in a neighborhood and community that enhances your way of life rather than complicating it or taking away from it is so huge to a person’s happiness.  Family has even noticed that my six year old seems happier since the move.  So, consider this when looking around: be sure to really look around and imagine yourself in the community, not just in the rooms of a house.

~Stephanie Paz