5 Tips on Selecting a Realtor

As a new home owner I have had the recent experience of working with a realtor.  I found him on accident.  He helped us write multiple offers before one finally stuck, and walked us through the entire closing process.  Although closing was a near nightmare, working with our realtor was not.  I understand that not everyone always such an experience with their realtor, making it hard for some to know how to choose.  I have now compiled this short check list for you to use when selecting a realtor.  We are all careful when choosing doctors, attorneys, even insurance agents, why not be selective in the one professional that helps us with the most important purchase of our life?  Check out this clip that is a near perfect example of what to avoid and then follow these few tips.  Trust me, you may laugh.

  1. It’s okay to call around.  Most don’t answer the phone, they are usually busy.  A good realtor is supposed to be busy so don’t get too turned off by this.  Instead, leave a message on a few voicemails and see who calls you back.  The timeliness of a return call is key.  This is how I found Don.
  2. Be sure you and your significant other feel respected.  The realtor should be very respectful of your needs and desires, listening to your questions and concerns, unlike the agent featured in this video clip.  Our realtor heard what we said we wanted and was able to make suggestions that benefited us without pressuring us, which leads me to my next tip…
  3. Don’t be pushed around.  Your realtor should give you time, time to think and discuss any decisions that need to be made without putting you on the spot.
  4. Honesty is the best policy.  If you feel the realtor isn’t being honest, or is being vague about any situation, ask for better clarification.  A good realtor will be eager to answer questions and help you understand the process.  Also, with the market changes and rules continuing to change, remember that no one can know everything.  Click here to view a funny example of what you don’t want.  A good realtor should be experienced and knowledgeable, yet honest with you when there is a question that they simply don’t have an answer to, his or her experience should be well enough to find the answer quickly.
  5. A good personality goes a long way.  This may not be a factor when selecting some other business professionals you will work with, but buying a house is personal, also you will be spending quite a bit of time with this person as they get to know your personal desires for your new living arrangement.  Therefore, you want to feel comfortable and that your personal traits work well together.  Some traits you will most likely want is patience to talk to you like you are a human and not another prospect, flexibility to take you house shopping on your days off, and understanding when you turn down a deal you don’t like.

I wish you luck as you begin shopping around for both your new realtor and new home.  Please keep these tips in mind when working with someone and if you decide to do it the easy way, just call Don!

~Stephanie Paz


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