Small Livable Spaces

Have you wished you could downsize your clutter?  Ever wondered what life would be like without so much stuff and just neat clean space to live?  Look no further, perhaps you are in the market for a pocket sized home.  Here are a few examples of what I am talking about in this article on featuring these tiny yet trendy homes around the country, one of which is here in Seattle.

Most people agree that a great way to de-clutter is to move because it forces you to pick up each individual item you own and evaluate what to do with it.  If you don’t have the desire to find a box and neatly pack it then you probably don’t need to take it with you.  Also, a change of perspective on space may be the key to making the home feel more open and less cluttered.  One good idea is to look at the wall space you have and use that for storage by adding shelves and hooks. Use boxes and baskets to put things in that are already in a corner or piled into a shelf.  It looks less messy and more decorative.  I use these organization ideas from these tiny homes and apply to my own.  On a side note, down-sizing your home with a growing family including two young children is both unconventional and challenging, yet owning our first home is still ever rewarding.

If you are still frustrated with the lack of space you have here is a clip I’d like to share with you about a home that makes the most of its cubic feet rather than just its square feet.  It sure makes me feel better about the 1065 square foot rambler I recently bought.  I introduce to you the 12 cube house.  Living here is one way to force the clutter right out of your life, and the energy bill is way low with much less to clean!

~Stephanie Paz


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